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Due to the actual Corona Virus situation the Riva Days 2020 were reported to 2021. We are now pleased to announce that the event will take place in Geneva from July 8th till 12th 2021.

We will communicate more details about it soon, but please find details in the Riva Days section here /riva-days-2021-geneva

In 2020, we had the pleasure to attend the 2nd Riva Treffen held on Lake Lucerne from September 3rd till 6th 2020.
Our friend Pius brought us to a lot of the enchanting locations on the different arms of "the lake of four Cantons” enjoying wonderful warm weather with 12 Riva boats attending with high nautical spirit. Next Riva Treffen in 2022.

Check it out and click here: /riva-treffen-2020