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2nd INTERNATIONAL "RIVA-TREFFEN" on lake Lucerne - September 2020

it was great !!

We had the pleasure to attend the 2nd Riva Treffen held on Lake Lucerne from September 3rd till 6th. The event was organised by our member Pius Wäger with the support of the Riva Club Suisse.

Logistically based in the city of Brunnen, Canton Schwyz, we have been able to visit and see a lot of the enchanting locations on the different arms of "the lake of four Cantons” (it’s real name as it touches the shores of the Cantons of Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri and Nidwalden).
We are very pleased because even with today's "you know situation”, 12 boats attended the event made of some Swiss members and more from the Riva Germany Chapter. (thank you all for attending)
We warmly welcome the two new members, their families and boat that joined the Riva Club Suisse family on this occasion.

Let's here thank Kerstin and Pius for their organization and the Lord for the wonderful warm weather we could enjoy during these 4 days.

From the different activities that where offered, the trip to the city of Lucerne is to be noticed, as we anchored next to the world known KKL, the city’s major event palace. Here we had a choice between a guided city tour or a visit to Gübelin's shop and facilities (a major Swiss jeweler) with an appreciated “aperitivo". We deserved it!

Hosted by our sponsors, E&V Lucerne, Maserati and Gubelin,  we were welcomed by a very warm speech from the mayor of Weggis to attend lunch near the lake on the next day.
The social dinner was held on Saturday night in the glamorous ballroom of the Seehotel Vierwaldstättersee in Brunnen.

We look forward to host many more of all of you in 2022 for the 3rd Riva Treffen on lake Lucerne.
Nautical Riva greetings from

Luca and Michel

Check out the pictures here below