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3rd INTERNATIONAL "RIVA-TREFFEN" on lake Lucerne - September 2022

we wait for you!

After the success of the 2nd Riva Treffen held on Lake Lucerne from September 3rd till 6th 2021 that was organized by our member Pius Wäger with the support of the Riva Club Suisse, we are please to announce that Pius and Kristin have finalized the program for the 3rd Riva Treffen that will be held from September 1st till 4th 2022 on the lake of the four Cantons.
Nautical Riva greetings from
Luca and Michel
Please download the program here on the right

Notable events from our partners:

Die authentische Schweizer Oldtimer-Messe vom 27. bis 29. Mai 2022

02. Juli 2022     Runabout-Meeting Zürichsee, Organisiert vom Oldtimer Boot Club Zürichsee.

Review of the last RivaTreffen.