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Riva Club Suisse represents the Swiss Chapter in the Riva Historical Society, our Mother organization.

The Riva Historical Society was created at the end of 1998. This non profit organization was founded by Architect Piero Maria Gibellini (biographer of Carlo Riva and creator in 1996 of the Riva Historical Registry) along with Ingegnere Carlo Riva and a group of friends and admirers of the legendary figure of that was the "Ingegnere".

The main objectives of the association are:

  • the conservation of the boats designed or built by Carlo Riva or, more in general, those that are part of his world and the conservation of the technical and cultural wealth that they represent;
  • the promotion and collection of research and studies and the publication of the VivaRiva magazine.
  • the encouragement and the assistance for the conservation and restoration, in the full respect of the original criteria;
  • the registration of the boats of members in the RHS Registry

Please visit the official website for further information.